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Re: [St] Open up - Roof Boxer Review

if i wear my Shoei, i need plugs and still play the music through the
ear pad speakers from the Autocom. When i tried the Schubert i couldnt
hear the conversation from the person who was telling his opinion on
the helmet. With plugs and the Shoei on i can still communicate with
others. So if the outside noise is reduced then the music quality will
be better! Volume reduced - battery life longer....ears are in better
condition as i get older, can hear the dog better! ; )


On 9/18/07, Kevin Dicks <rawsonboy@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I hear (bum....bum - that only makes sense if you know of a certain fox
> puppet :) that Schubert's are quiet but as I listen to music 95% of the
> time, it's really not an issue for me.
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