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Re: [St] Open up - Roof Boxer Review

On Monday 17 September 2007 21:06, Brian Pitman wrote:
> The one unknown I will concede in my comments is that I am not familiar
> with the Euro ECE 22-05 test standards, however, I am guessing that there
> is no specific test for a flip-up helmet in the pivot area.  Someone please
> correct me if I have guessed wrong...

AFAIK, for the Euro test all flip-up lids are treated as open-face, in other 
words the chin bar tests aren't performed. Just how much protection in that 
area you can expect from a flip is debateable.

Also if there was an issue with lack of padding in the hinge area, I doubt it 
would pass the ECE test - but that could depend on the exact places the test 
impacts are done... I would expect the hinges to be attached to the outside of 
the shell so there should be no effect on the padding?


'04 955i
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