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Re: [St] Fw: Sticky throttle cable

Still reading the story, but I'm curious to know if you waited in that
awful multi-lane crossing line, or kept on going through town to the
small 2-lane bridge crossing we always use?  The line is nearly always
shorter there. 

Jeremy Witt
Newbury Partners
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Kevin, Yes, I most certainly am!
Although Lucas pretty much predates my riding experience (and certainly
my Triumph ownership time), I did have a rare Lucas-like flashback this
summer.  I do not recall if I mentioned this little detail in my
Maritime blast this summer however, I will recall it now for the
amusement of The List.
It was the last day of my tightly-scheduled one-week vacation wherein I
had saved the best for last - an 1100 km route through the backroads of
Maine, Vermont and New York with nary an Interstate or Canadian major
highway in sight.  I left just after sunrise out of Saint John, New
Brunswick and rode ~90 mins to the Canada-US border crossing in Maine.
As I turned the corner off main st into the customs line-up, I turned my
engine off as there appeared to be about a 5 min line-up in front of the
interrogation booth.  After a couple of minutes, the line had advanced
about 5-6 car lengths so I turned the ignition key, pulled in the clutch
(hate that lock-out feature BTW...) and hit the starter button.  Nothing
but a feeble click.
Yep, I had a "Lucas moment" there!  Well, my mind started racing around
considering whether I should I stay on the Canadian side and try and
find a bike shop in St Stephen's, NB or should I get across the border
and look in Calais, ME?  For no other reason that my bike was already
pointed west I pushed my fully loaded ST, while wearing a full coverage
Aerostitch, up to the customs officer.  Much to her amusement, I made
some depreciating comment about Brit bikes.  With a big smile on her
face, she asked me three short Qs and waved me through.  Fortunately,
there was a small gas station across from the border crossing so I
pushed Caspian Blue a few more feet to a pump and topped up the gas tank
... 'cause that's whatcha do when the bike won't start, right?  

I pulled the seat and looked at that lazy, "laid-down" battery.  Sure
'nuff, the vibration form the triple had loosened off one of the
terminal connections to prevent the battery from charging.  In short
order, I found another friendly tourist who had jumper cables to get the
ST fired up again.  
My last interesting moment was putting everything back together again
since, at this point, my tool bag, which lives in the RH side of the
fairing inside a keyed pocket cover, was still on the ground and my
ignition key was, well, in the ignition!  The last thing I wanted to do
was to turn off the engine and have to bum yet another jump start so I
quickly recalled that I had buried the spare key deep within my tank
bag.  I dug it out, put everything away and hit the road before the
motor overheated at idle.
Fortunately, that was the most "exciting" event of the day.  I pulled
into my driveway 15.5 hrs after starting my day, stopping for gas and
lunch only!
That's it!
06 ST
93 GTS

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Be thankful Lucas is not still around :)
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