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[St] Fuel Pressure Regulator Hose....( was sticky throttle cable....)

OK, so in trying to free up my sticky throttle cable,
I pull my tank, etc, to get at the
cable ends at the throttle body. No amount of lube
helps, BTW. Anyway, when disconnecting the various
tubes from the tank, I notice there is no hose
connecting to the fuel pressure regulator on the side
of the tank. ( This would be the medium size vacuum
hose tap that comes out of the plate on the right side
of the tank and takes a 90 degree turn forward and
down.) I pull the tank, and there is no hose laying
around anywhere. Where would the other end of this
mythical hose connect to? I looked and looked and
looked, pulled the airbox, etc. Cannot find another
vacuum tap with a missing hose. Manual says nothing
about it. Several years ago I had the bike in for
service under warranty, and for several days they
worked on it to find the reason I was down on power
and not running smoothly. When I got it back, it ran
smooth but was down on power, I cant help but wonder
if this missing hose is the culprit. The service
manual also indicates a tip over valve on one of the
tank vent hoses that I do not have. 

Any ideas? Where Should I look? Since I have it apart,
I will keep it apart for a few days and do a bunch of
general maintainence that is due, I have another bike
to ride...I am really disappointed to find that for 4
years I may have been running in an incorrect state
that was done by my dealer. They will remain nameless
until I am sure about this...

Thanks in advance,


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