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Re: [St] Fuel Pressure Regulator Hose....( was sticky throttle cable....)

John--My 01 is missing that hose off of the fuel pressure regulator too. If you do a search on this topic, it comes up in the archives (at least I assume it does). I have not had any issues with it and talked with my shop folks about it. The hose doesnt really do much but route back to the air box, from what I recall. There is a hole in the bottom of the air box for it, again, I recall. 
  The tip-over hose is located under the frame on the left hand side, near the rear tank attachment point. I would be surprised if it is missing. It is a T fitting with corregated hosing attaching to it and the T forms a loop bypassing the T permitting only oneway flow of fuel. THis is all from memory. I did have mine disconnected for a while and was buggered about what the mysterious hose was and then finally found it tucked way up in there. 
  Neither of these pieces should be affecting your performance issues, IMHO.

John Ulizzi <jaulizzi@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
  OK, so in trying to free up my sticky throttle cable,
I pull my tank, etc, to get at the
cable ends at the throttle body. No amount of lube
helps, BTW. Anyway, when disconnecting the various
tubes from the tank, I notice there is no hose
connecting to the fuel pressure regulator on the side
of the tank. ( This would be the medium size vacuum
hose tap that comes out of the plate on the right side
of the tank and takes a 90 degree turn forward and
down.) I pull the tank, and there is no hose laying
around anywhere. Where would the other end of this
mythical hose connect to? I looked and looked and
looked, pulled the airbox, etc. Cannot find another
vacuum tap with a missing hose. Manual says nothing
about it. Several years ago I had the bike in for
service under warranty, and for several days they
worked on it to find the reason I was down on power
and not running smoothly. When I got it back, it ran
smooth but was down on power, I cant help but wonder
if this missing hose is the culprit. The service
manual also indicates a tip over valve on one of the
tank vent hoses that I do not have. 

Any ideas? Where Should I look? Since I have it apart,
I will keep it apart for a few days and do a bunch of
general maintainence that is due, I have another bike
to ride...I am really disappointed to find that for 4
years I may have been running in an incorrect state
that was done by my dealer. They will remain nameless
until I am sure about this...

Thanks in advance,


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