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Re: [St] Fuel Pressure Regulator Hose....( was sticky throttle cable....)

At 10:59 AM 9/21/2007, you wrote:

Sorry John can't help you there.

>Any ideas? Where Should I look?

If the triumph service manual is like my honda's its probably right, 
so you need to get some hose and the oneway valve.

>  Since I have it apart,
>I will keep it apart for a few days and do a bunch of
>general maintainence that is due, I have another bike
>to ride...I am really disappointed to find that for 4
>years I may have been running in an incorrect state
>that was done by my dealer. They will remain nameless
>until I am sure about this...

Nice move, I'd call the service manager and tell him that the bike 
was not properly re-assembled when you had is serviced at his dealership last.
Insist that he should make it right on his coin.

But I agree it really sucks when you find out that someone you 
trusted to work on your machinery, doesn't bother to follow the book.

That's why I do all (okay 99.5%) my own work on my cars, bikes and 
other power equipment.

>Thanks in advance,

A Dragon Ascending
"Forging my body in the Fires of my Will"

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