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Re: [St] Fork service/Race Tech


As mentioned previously by all means replaced the fork springs and I highly recommend the rear shock as well.  I weight around 210 lbs and my wife ways around 150 lbs and two up I was dragging the fairing and pegs on a regular basis before I invested in a new rear shock.  It made a world of difference.  I still have not replaced the fork springs  on the Sprint but I intend to this winter.  I previously race teched my VFR750 and it made a world of difference.  For anyone who rides two up very much this is an essential investment in my opinion.

Rick b. 
Pffaftown, NC

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>Subject: [St] Fork service/Race Tech
>Well, the deeper I look, the more questions I have. I
>have been fighting with handling issues on this bike
>for a season and a half now. At first I thought it was
>my choice of tires. Ran several sets of stock 020s and
>loved 'em. Got a deal on several pairs of 014s, dont
>like them at all. Now the bike has 21k on the clock, a
>good portion of those two up. Fork service has not yet
>ever been done. Considering fork service shortly, was
>quoted $325 from local dealer. Wondering if I should
>also look to replace springs at the same time with
>something a little stouter. I'm 6'1" about 230,
>without gear. I am guessing the springs dont just
>"drop in", so adding them after the fork fluid service
>is prolly not an option, if I want to save
>money/labor. Opinions please...
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