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Re: [St] Fork service/Race Tech

At 03:33 PM 9/21/2007, you wrote:
>Hey, no shame here. At 230 I look pretty good, not the
>porker I was at 270, which, interestingly enough, was
>when I was doing most of my two up riding, and that
>with a 160 # passenger... No wonder the poor RS needs
>some TLC...

Sounds familiar, I four years ago this may I was 305 lbs and in 
constant pain with my back. I got down to 'literally' fighting 
weight, 218 for my black belt and I've gone back up to 230 as of last week.
Its not that you or I are much heavier than what is a reasonably 
healthy weight, its just that most bikes are designed for a much 
smaller person.

A Dragon Ascending
"Forging my body in the Fires of my Will"

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