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Re: [St] First signs of Battery replacement?

At 11:32 PM 9/23/2007, you wrote:

>Yes, John, but Sprints as a rule dont have problematic
>rectumfriers like VFRs do... those have a way of
>killing an otherwise good battery. Been there done

Hey, my battery was sh!t, not my charging system.
The first battery lasted three years 4 months before it just would 
not hold a descent charge.
The second battery lasted one year before the battery tender that is 
spent nine months on (wasn't riding, don't ask) burned it up. Lesson 
here don't buy a non branded battery tender (even if the board in 
side is an exact match to my buddies BatteryTender brand unit.
The third battery as of a week ago tested out and 12.8 volts standing 
and had not been used in three weeks.

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