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Re: [St] New little flakeout

At 05:53 PM 9/26/2007, you wrote:

>OK, I got a new little wrinkle to run by the list.  Basically when 
>the cooling fan kicks in, the fuel gauge goes to empty.  Once it 
>reaches empty the MIL light comes on.  Once the fan goes out, the 
>gauge recovers.  I had it do this too me in stop and go traffic a 
>few weeks ago, and figured it was just overheating the connection to 
>the sender unit, it opens up, causes the loss, but when I get moving 
>and everything cools off, the circuit closes back up.  And I did 
>find the dealer mechanic who last worked on it didn't fully seat the 
>connector.  But it did it sitting still just last week, after I 
>fixed the connector.  Fan kicks in, gauge goes down, fan turns off, 
>gauge recovers.  I let the bike run long enough to go through this 
>cycle twice. Verifying the correlation.  Of course, the MIL light 
>stays on until the 3 heat cycles, ugh.  I haven't had a chance to 
>run by the dealer to get the actual code, but I'm betting it's 
>something about bad reading from the fuel gauge sender.  Anyone
>  heard of this before?  Suspect the fan is pulling too much juice 
> maybe?  The engine will have a millisecond of stumble when the fan 
> kicks on, but it's had that for some time now.  Anyone?
>Steven "Dirty Dawg" Kohlscheen
>2002 Triumph Sprint ST
>2001 Yamaha YZ426f
well if the coolant temp sender is a thermistor like the on my honda 
and all my cages, it could be shorting out when it hits the temp that 
should switch on the fan.
That would make sense because its pulling the voltage on the supply 
bus that feeds all the sensors of the ecu and the fuel sender.
Low signals from all the other sensors help trip the MIL light, yet 
the short still triggers the fans.
or at least that is my immediate take on it.

Check the temp sender, or get it checked.

A Dragon Ascending
"Forging my body in the Fires of my Will"

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