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[St] Your fueling yourself

Actually, the earliest ones were all right on fuel senders.
Weasel Dawg and I had the first two sold in the US and ours never leaked or
did anything other than occasionally reading full for the first 100 miles
and then dropping rapidly.
At the end of the 99 model run the vendor changed compounds and things went
downhill fast. Of course by the time it was found there were thousands of
bikes all over the world.
It lasted about a year plus as it showed up at varying times.
I would not let them replace mine as it was good to go even though they
wanted to.
Still got it and no leaks. Uh OH! Man,I wish I hadn't said that!
We're going through a vendor issue here at work now and it ill reflection
us by those outside the walls.

If it were me Dirty Dawg I'd just wait until the fuel gauge showed you need
fuel, overheat the bike, and then drive off with a full tank of free gas
Sorry. At least it didn't leak crossing Engineering Pass in Colorado this

Jack "Rude Dog" Hays
"I'll see you on the dark side of the Moon"

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