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Re: [St] Doing the unthinkable

On Mon 01 Dec 2008, Derek Wilson wrote:

> P.S.  I know I deserve and expect criticism of my judgment and name
> calling, so feel free to do so.

No. It doesn't sound like an easy decision for you. I doubt any member of this 
list would sell their Sprint on a whim...
Not a great time to be selling unfortunately - not just the time of year, but 
the world economy. (Here in Ireland the bike market is stalled, and car 
dealers are stuck with huge stocks of used cars worth less now than their 
traded-in value.) Hope you get a decent price. Although when a bike gets a 
few years old, even in good condition low mileage etc, it's worth more to you 
than anyone else :/


'04 ST955i

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