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Re: [St] What!

----- Original Message ----- From: "Jack Hays" <rude@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Nice to know that those who have betrayed us and now own BMW's are still
You know who you are Dweeb!
Glad to see your still out there lurking Howlin'.

LOL, Hiya Jack. Dweeb indeed? Harumph!

I'm hanging out in the hopes of finding out how people are getting on with their 1050s.
I'm missing the Triumph motor these days and have found myself longingly looking at 1050 ABS STs.

Part of me is hoping that there's an upgrade in the pipeline with better headlights and quality suspension.

I still miss my old '99 (Which is still in the custom STs section i see).
130 MPH, 55-60 MPG (Imperial), seemless power delivery and a lovely bark from the TBR exhaust.
I should have kept that one.

Anyway, "big wave" to any of the old Dawgs that are still out there.


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