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Re: [St] Doing the unthinkable

At 10:50 PM 11/30/2008, you wrote:

After much contemplation and inner struggle, I have decided to put the Sprint up for sale. I am trying to liquidate my assets so that I can finish school. Here is the craigs list post if anyone knows someone who may be interested. I am in Michigan, but will be going to Tennessee the week before Christmas if logistics is a problem.



Derek Wilson
2000 ST

P.S. I know I deserve and expect criticism of my judgment and name calling, so feel free to do so.

I will not criticize your decision, but I will probe and question the logic of said decision (and hopefully save your mind before the bike is snatched up).

So I have to ask (as a devoted motorcyclist, who has been there before).
1. What are you going to do for transportation?
Your selling you bike!!. No car that is of equal value is worth keeping compared to a bike. And if the car is worth all that much more than your bike, why not sell that? How are you planning on getting to TN??
2. How much more time do you have in school?
I mean if this is a part of the grand scrape enough $$ so that I can finish in the next couple of terms, then its a worthy sacrifice. But if it just to get enough $$ to put you through another six months or a year on a multi-year path, then its not the right decision. I did that saying to myself, "It will only be until next year when I can apply for student loans again", of course I was declined again and ended up leaving a term or two later (even more broke).
3. Seriously think about this, how much do you spend on other than school and the bike?
I could (and did in the past) make myself and two friends live on the bare minimums for food, power, clothes and assorted stuff to keep my bike, apartment and schooling. It's not easy, but it taught me a lot about sacrificing for my goals. Hell, I even did it when I was out of school and married to save enough money to buy my VFR.
4. Is your sanity worth this sacrifice, or are you a sure 4.0 gpa, if you can just scrape up the money??? I ask this because if you are struggling right now, you will kick yourself daily if anything goes wrong scholasticly and you figure out that you wasted the money you sacrificed so much to get in the first place.

JohnS A Dragon Ascending "Forging my body in the Fires of my Will"

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