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[St] The RS it is... ( was I can't decide...)

Hey folks, 
First off I want to thank everyone for their thoughts and opinions. The overwhelming majority of you suggested the SV, and for the most part I agreed with everything said. I am ending up with the RS, the choice driven by the facts that I really dont have the time to screw around importing the SV ( the RS is already in Costa Rica), and, when factoring in the extra set of new tires and other goodies coming with the RS, the SV ended up costing close to a grand more, and a grand is pretty precious these days. I am basically buying a 2001 RS ( with less than 5000 miles) already in Costa Rica for about $1000 more than it would cost to freight and import my 2002 RS ( 22,000 miles) there.
So this brings about a whole different set of questions;
1)This bike has largely sat for 5 years. I dont think it has sat for 5 years without being run at all, but not much. And I am sure no long term preparations were made at any point. I made it clear to the American owner that I expect to show up, turn the key, and go, and that the expectation is for an operational , trouble free motorcycle. He indicated that his guy down there was installing a new battery and would check the bike over completely. That being said, assuming I drive it out of his driveway and into mine without incident, what things should I be looking at, checking, replacing, or repairing ? I am guessing drain the fuel, replace with fresh and a bottle of injector cleaner to be a good start. What else? Brake and radiator fluids and oil as soon as time permits? The bike has decent rubber on it, and comes with a spare set of unused tires, both sets are prolly 5 years old. Should I be thinking of not using them?
2) These questions are more specific to the bike ( the 01 vintage). What things should I be on the lookout for as potential problems?  What spare parts should I just buy and keep on a shelf? PArts are available there, there is a dealer, but if he doesnt has it in stock it could take a few weeks. Things like clutch and throttle cables. I know about the fuel disconnect recall, and will try to get a set of those to bring down with me.
3) Performance changes. I dropped 1 tooth on the front sprocket of my 02 here. Loved the difference. They are geared way too high for city driving IMHO. But is there a preference to dropping one off the front, or adding two in the rear? Seems to me adding two in the rear will shorten the wheel base a bit ( assuming I use the same chain and it fits), making the bike a bit more flickable. I went up two teeth on the back of my Superhawk when I last changed chain and sprockets ( from down one up front) , so I didnt change the gearing much, but I would swear I can feel the flickability change, and I like it. Any thoughts here?
4) I am thinking about scarfing the centerstand and hugger from my 02 rather than buying new ones. Anyone know if they will fit? I am pretty sure they should...
5) Does anyone have experience with the OEM alarm system?
6) Is there any solution to making the clutch lever a little easier to pull?  It can be a bitch in traffic...
7) A more upright seating postion may be better for city commuting down there. What are the ramifications of changing to a set of ST bars?  Will the wiring harnesses and brake and clutch lines be long enough?  Are there any clearance issues?  I am guessing that would bring me up about an inch and back about two inches. Any thoughts here?
Thanks in advance !
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