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Re: [St] Super 90 restoration project

Hoping I haven't already sent this out...

Back in NH, I worked with a rider and rabid old Honda restorer.  His
house and barn are a small vintage Honda museum.  Additionally, he
worked for a dealer about 10 years back who had new management come in
and decree all the Honda manuals and parts older than (can't recall
exactly) 1980-something were to be tossed in the dumpster.  He promptly
arranged to have all that stuff brought to his house.  He is now an
excellent and reasonably complete source of factory Honda parts for
Hondas older than 1980-something.  Let me know if you are hunting for,
say, original tank badges for a 1963 Super 90, he's probably got several
sets.  Along with tons of Honda knowledge. I'll put you in touch.


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Wow, that looks great!  I've wanted to get an older CB (I'd LOVE a 750)
build it back.  I've seen some really beautiful completed projects
and it's planted the bug.  I'm trying to convince a friend of mine that
wants to sell his 750-4, but so far, no luck.  *snaps fingers*

I'm not giving up.


> I have finished my '72 Honda CB350 restoration and think it looks
> (IMHO) and she goes to the red line with ease.
> It's a nice bike.
> Now, I have started my next restoration.
> My first motorcycle. A 1963 Honda Super 90.
> My dad still had it in a storage shed under cardboard and told me
about it
> before he died this past September.
> He bought me the S90 and then two years later I bought a Honda CL72
> Scrambler and he kept the S90 and rode it to work about 40 miles each
> almost year round.
> We had put a 110cc big bore kit in it and at one point he holed the
> He took the bike apart, applied JB Weld to the hole, milled the piston
> put it together, and rode it until he bent a rod in 1969.
> At that point he took the motor apart and stopped.
> My classic car insurance guy had two black S90's that I bought for
> as mules.
> If the link works here are some shots before I got started.
> The last two Friday nights I have completely stripped the bike of all
> hardware, motor, and wiring so i can start the frame restoration.
> Again, I hope the link works:
> http://www.flickr.com/photos/82056728@N00/
> Jack "Rude Dog" Hays
> 972-952-5065
> "I'll see you on the dark side of the Moon"
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