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Re: [St] What!

On Tue 02 Dec 2008, Martin Fay wrote:

> I still miss my old '99 (Which is still in the custom STs section i see).
> 130 MPH, 55-60 MPG (Imperial), seemless power delivery and a lovely bark
> from the TBR exhaust.
> I should have kept that one.

But then you never would have bought the '04, and sold it to me!!!

I just wish the '04 had the economy of the '99, but nobody buys litre bikes 
for economy, fuel prices here are now down to 1.01 euro/litre from a peak of 
1.45 (would be 0.93 were it not for a tax rise), and my annual mileage is 
small these days anyway :/

Otherwise (and despite the odd minor niggle or two) it's easily the best bike 
I've ever owned. I don't think I could ever go back to a Jap four.


'04 ST955i
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