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Re: [St] The RS it is... ( was I can't decide...)

On Wed 03 Dec 2008, Clive Brooks wrote:
> Hello John,
>        a year ago here in Australia I purchased a Black  2004 RS 955 with
> only 4800 Kms on the clock, it had done very little work in the previous 3
> years, my Triumph dealer recommended the following work be carried out:-
> a) Change all liquids, ie coolant, brake fluid, engine oil, fork oil etc.
> b) Refill with new petrol and add injector cleaner for the first few tanks
> of fuel.
> c) Load latest engine control map.

Definitely do the above. I would also have a look at the brake calipers for 
seized/corroded pistons, hoses for cracking.

Don't forget all the usual used bike checks, e.g. bearings, seals, brake disc 
thickness/runout, chain & sprockets, chassis straightness etc. Have critters 
burrowed into the airbox, exhaust, or seat??!?

If the seller has not fitted a new battery, you can expect to do so very 
shortly. Also bring forward the next oil/filter change to catch any debris or 
sludge from storage dislodged by using the bike.


'04 ST955i
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