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Re: [St] Heated Grips

Kevin Dicks wrote:
So I just 'won' some heated grips on flea-bay but they don't come with a
switch or any instructions to mount them.  Does anybody know of anywhere I
could get the instructions, are they available online anywhere perhaps ?  I
think all I need to do is get a switch and use the socket that I know is
behind the fairing right ?  I assume that socket is supplied via a relay ?

What brand are they?

I had installed the Kimpex heaters on my previous bike ('99 Sprint ST) and sourced a CarlingSwitch from the Electrical Connection site: http://www.electricalconnection.com/power-distribution/switch_high-amp.htm

They also have a grip kit: http://www.electricalconnection.com/electrical-components/heated-grip-kits.htm

IIRC I found it hard to find the right connector to use the one under the cockpit, so had to cut it off and just use some bullet connectors. I don't know if it was switched or not, seems to me that it was always hot?

Don't forget to wrap your left bar with some tape or big heat shring tube to give it a little insulation, else alot of the heat from the left one sinks into the metal instead of your hand.


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