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[St] Sprocket change opinions....

Opinion on Sprockets please: This is also regarding my soon to be 2001 RS...  On both my 02 Rs and my Superhawk, I have shortened the gearing by dropping one tooth off the front sprocket, love the results. This past summer the Superhawk needed new chains and sprocket, on the recommendation of a few people I went back to stock on the front, and two up in the back. The gearing change is similar, but I was told that my chain would wear better not going around such a tight circle up front. Well, with the same length chain, it just made it on ( yes, I should have cut the chain one or two links longer...). This effectively shortened my wheelbase about an inch, which really makes the Superhawk more flickable. Where I will be riding this new-to-me 01 RS, flickable is good. The bike only has 5k on the clock, so rather than replace everything, I figured I would just replace the front or the rear sprocket. I would rather go with two up in the rear, but dunno if
 it will fit without replacing the chain. On my 02 here in the states, with 22k and original chain and -1 up front, their appears to be enough room, the axle is in the latter half of the adjustment range. Just wondering if anyone has been in this situation before and could tell me if this will work without problem...
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