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Re: [St] shout out to NE liSTers

My house got power back late Saturday night after being without for more than 48 hours. Front yard is a mess, some trees likely a total loss (more than 50% of the branches broken off) but it could have been much worse. We lot a fridge full of food but had temp heat and a small gennie to keep pipes from freezing. It's crazy though, power is still out all over the place, as near as less than a mile a way and close enough that I can hear generators running at night. So we're content to count ourselves very lucky. Friends still without power are hearing it might be as long as a week before they'll have service. Thank god it's 50 out today.

Thanks for thinking of us!

00SprintRS (tucked safely in the garage)

Bil Swartz wrote:
Hey all, just a quick shout out to Nate and our other northeastern U.S. liSTers to see if they are back online and ok in all that ice STorm hoopla going on.

Hoping the thaw is imminent, services are reSTored, and all are well.

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