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Re: [St] I can't decide...Another Bike To Consider

As a KLR rider, and just as a motorcyclist I have a few comments.

1. Skills are always more important than the bike. Take the money you'd spend on the BMW and spend a small portion of that on taking a dirt riding class. Spend the rest of it on a vacation.

2. Would you rather drop a $5k bike, or a $10k bike?

3. The BMW is a heavier bike, meaning you're more likely to drop it, especially in the soft stuff where you're already having trouble.

4. The KLR is an almost bullet proof bike. From what I've been reading lately, BMW's quality reputation has been slipping on several fronts.

On Dec 15, 2008, at 10:15 PM, marc Ve wrote:

Hi all, been lurking a while.

I still ride a KLR 650 as a dirt/ gravel/ trailie alternative to my Daytona
955. It handles commuting and gravel/ fire roads very well. The suspension
is a bit soggy for it to like soft stuff, sand is my nemisis.

Matt Knowles - Ferndale, CA - http://www.knowlesville.com/matt/ motorcycles
'99 Sprint ST - for going fast and far (2CZUSA)
'01 KLR650 (A15) - for exploring the North Coast backroads
'97 KLX300 & '01 Lakota - for playing in the dirt
'79 KZ400 - just because it was the first vehicle I ever owned

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