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Re: [St] I can't decide...Another Bike To Consider

I have a friend who has his own motocross track which is pretty sweet. I'm still not much of a dirt rider, and my KLX300 isn't really a motocross bike.

But the last time I was there I was offered rides on both a Honda CRF250 and a CRF450.

While the 450 had way more power, on the parts of the track that were muddy, I could go a lot faster on the 250, just because it was lighter and way easier to throw around. Both bikes are way lighter than my KLX300 which in turn is way lighter than the KLR. But no matter what bike I was on I was still getting lapped by 10 year olds on 80s. Reminded me of being on a ski slope and being passed by little punks going down the hill without poles.

On Dec 16, 2008, at 3:47 PM, brettwilson21@xxxxxxx wrote:

I have to agree with you there Matt.

A few years back I did a trip to The Tip of The Cape York Peninsula, in Far North Queensland on our little island of Australia. ( A ride I highly recommend to anyone that may be thinking about it)

I had a good chat with the tour operator before hand and he suggested with my limited off road riding experience I would be better off on a TTR 250, rather than one of his KLX 400's (the one thats the same as the DR 400 anyway). It turned out to be a very wise decision and very good advice from an "A" grade rider.

Despite the fact that the little TTR was light and very easy to ride, I struggled to keep the damn thing upright whenever we hit soft sand. After loosing count of the amount of times I had to pick it up, I was glad it wasn't a 400.

The upshot is that it all came down to riding skills, or lack there of in my case.

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