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[St] Christmas past

All this talk of ice and snow and the holidays, takes me back to 8 years
ago, on Dec 23rd, 2000 when I rolled a brand new blue ST into the unfinished
basement of our rented townhouse in Sterling, VA.  It had been 3-4 months
since my SV650 had been stolen after only 6 months out of the shop.  It was
*entirely* too painful to stare at that beautiful machine, knowing that
there were at least 3 months until it warmed up enough to ride.  Yet, every
day, I would visit, sit on the seat, try the button, and keep clean and free
of dust.  To make winter even more painful, my buddy, who lived in PA,
picked up the brand new Tiger that was sitting beside my ST in the show
room.  Like long lost friends, the two bikes rejoined each other in my
basement and spend 3 long months awaiting the spring thaw.

Then that magical day came when the grass was green, the air was warm, and
the roads were clear of salt, sand and cinders.  I suited up, rolled the ST
out on to the street, fired it up, and took off for my first magical drive.
And was tortured the entire time by the RPM limit imposed by the strict
break-in period.  Sheer torture!

Happy Holidays to all those still out there with Sprints.  I miss mine


(Still looking to off-load a 07 DR-Z400SM so I can get a bigger bike for
moving back to DC area, hint hint!)
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