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Re: [St] I normally do my own oil changes, but...

Well, okay, I lied.  I do have an idea about how much they cost.  The reason
I didn't bring it up is because I wanted the replies to concentrate on how
much YOU pay/paid in case I got taken.  I thought $113.80 for an oil change
was unbelieveably expensive.  $15/quart * 4 qts, a ~15 oil filter, and $30+
in labor.  Of course, other fees applied and it came up to what I thought
was robbery.  It was the first change I had ever gotten done by someone
else.  Wow.  No wonder I do my own.

I would have done my own up in VA but someone convinced me that being on
military TDY, the gov't would cover the cost.  I found out last week that is
not the case.  Oh well.  That's the last time I'll pay anyone to do one for
On Mon, Dec 22, 2008 at 5:25 PM, Dan Wetherington <dnlwthrn@xxxxxxxxx>wrote:

> Around here (Chicagoland) the dealer will charge you for probably an hour
> of labor ($75-80), the oil (~$65), and filter (~$15) plus usually a disposal
> fee.  This adds up to WAY TO FREAKING MUCH!  You're much better off doing
> things yourself, no matter where you buy the oil.
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