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[St] 2009 Dragon Raid

I'm sure if I passed this out to this email list or not. I'm on a few of them.... Anyway if I already did, stop reading and delete it now. If not please read on. 

We are getting together June 22-28th 2009 at the Iron Horse Campground ( www.ironhorsenc.com ) for a "Dragn Raid". I have talked to Mac Benson at Triumph and they are excited about this and has offered to help. We am still organizing all the goodies however it is looking good.  We have the whole campground blocked out for these dates for us Triumph nuts to make reservations until the end of January. This is shaping up to be nothing but fun. If you have never been to Iron Horse, let me tell you. It is a top notch operation. It is geared towards motorcycles. And a friend of mine said that his wife is a girlie girl and even she would stay there. Not your typical "campground". Saturdays nights dinner will be Prime Rib. I've had it there two times now and each time it was delicious. All you have to do is contact Iron Horse, and make your accomodations. You can stay there on the cheap or go expensive. I am going the cheap route. Cause I'm cheap....lol. I know that there has been th
 at have made reservations so far, but we need to keep it going. The more people that reserve, the more assistance Triumph we give. If you would like to help feel free to contact me. Please tell everyone you know about this. It is time to get ready for next summer.
Thank You,

I have info in this on:


And also on Triumphrat.net in the Events section.
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