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[St] Fw: Helmet age...

Sorry about the typos, and no, I havent had any rumm spiced eggnog yet....

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From: John Ulizzi <jaulizzi@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Helmet age...
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Date: Wednesday, December 24, 2008, 1:46 PM

Helmet manufacturers say a helmet is only good for so many years, after that the "stuff" inside breaks down and it no longer provides protection. I never really did believe this, but when I called Shoei to inquire about a new face shield for my old RF-200, I was told that they were no longer made because the helmet it would be used on would no longer be safe protection. With, the little flashing red " bullshit" indicator in the corner of my eye went off on full blast. Is there any truth to this, or do helemt manufacturers just want to sell more helmets?
I find it hard to believe that with today's plastics technology that the helemt innards just lose whatever quality it is that makes them protective...
Opinions please.
Merry Christmas to All !!
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