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[St] Score! and helmet life

I found that the Tokico calipers have the brake line attachment point a bit
lower (1/4 to 3/8 inch) on each side than the stockers. That means the stock
crossover line would not stretch to fit. I'd like to hear how Rik managed to
use the stock lines.


Instead of buying a longer crossover I installed a new line direct from the
master cylinder to the left caliper. Supposed to be the better setup anyhow.


As to helmet life, I've wondered about that too. I now pay attention to it
when I see a used helmet, and generally steer away from those more than a
few years old. The "closeout" helmets at the dealer are often half way
through their manufacturer-recommended life. That didn't keep me from buying
a great-fitting ten-year-old Arai fighter-style helmet in like new
condition, however. Seemed like a deal for $15.


Walt Greenwood

Everwett (snowy now) Washington




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