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[St] New spec for 2008 1050 ST


UK's Motorcycle News (weekly paper) has short story saying that  
Triumph has revised spec for 1050 ST for 2008.  Significant changes  
cited in article comprise change from plastic to metal for tank ('to  
allow use of magnetic tank bags') and inclusion of a 'high performance  
headlight' (??).

Couple of questions.

* First - does anyone know if this is full extent of changes, or are  
these the gloss on a more substantial update - if so what are other  
* Second - do the changes reflect 'flaws' in the 2005 model being  
corrected, or are they 'value engineering' (i.e. keep appearance same  
but substitute cheaper bits)?

Be interested in any thoughts / info.


Gavin Lawrie

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