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Re: [St] D220's worth running?

At 12:27 PM 2/15/2008, you wrote:

>Hey guys,
>A local retailer is blowing D220's out at what looks like a good 
>price, anyone
>run those on ST's that can offer any feedback?
>I've run several sets of BT-020's in the past, as well as a few 
>AV45/46 and am
>now on second set of AV55/56 but suffered one of the AV55 "chunky silicon"
>problem tires...
>I'm not a knee-dragger but enjoy some spirited riding, and like good stick in
>the wet the AV's have provided.  Thinking of Pilot Road 2 next but 
>saw these and
>thought I'd ping the WOTL...
>Thanks in advance,
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Bill, I don't know what to tell you about the storms that you are 
having an issue with.
I had 'Dunslips' on my bikes and will probably never have a set on my 
bike again.
I had azaros 45/46's on my bikes and loved them
I have storms on my VFR right now and would not trade them for anything.

I hear that the diablo strada's are great tires and might try them 
next, but I'll probably just mount up another set of storms. I think 
the track bike will be getting vipers.
yeah, I'm sold on Avons.

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