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Re: [St] Justice finally?

On Sat 23 Feb 2008, JES_VFR wrote:
> At 07:55 PM 2/22/2008, you wrote:
> >Was she drunk?
> Does that really matter John?
> The guy is dead, and she is only getting 4 years for Felony
> Manslaughter. That woman should get more like 10-12.

Be thankful. Here in Ireland killing someone with a vehicle very rarely 
results in a manslaughter charge, usually just a dangerous driving charge and 
a fine. Jail time is almost unheard of. Unfortunately I have personal 
experience of this when a friend was killed a few years ago. 800 euro (about 
$1200US) fine and a five year driving ban  - meaningless as the murdering 
scum didn't have a licence in the first place.


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