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Re: [St] Justice finally???

At 06:30 AM 2/23/2008, John Ulizzi wrote:

>That is fairly rare here as well, which was another
>reason that promted my question...
>So, does anyone know if she was intoxicated, or
>otherwise impaired, or did she simply exercise poor
>driving judgement?

Yeah, I thought about this a little more last night.
It is a better sentence than would have been returned before 
(especially if she was not DUI).
I guess in my mind though, she still got off lightly.
I mean assault with a deadly weapon would have gotten her close to 
four years. So then fact that she killed the man should mean she has 
to face a harsher punishment, or it should.
But not in this case.
It should have been more.

I guess for now we should all be happy, 'cause it is better than nothing.

A Dragon Ascending
"Forging my body in the Fires of my Will"

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