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Re: [St] Bohn armored pants

I don't know anything about those particular pants, but they are lycra with armor on the hips and knees.  As a guy that has ridden plenty of bicycles I can vouch for lycra.  It's what all those long shorts that the Tout De France guys wear.  It breaths well and takes some moisture away form your skin. You certainly will not be working as hard on your bike as the tour guys do on theirs. I would guess that you would be comfortable in heat in such an outfit.  Lycra can tear easily so you would need something over it that is tear resistant.  In combination with blue jeans it will not protect you as well as leather or some of the new synthetics.  BMW sells a jacket made of material that they claim will not melt as you are sliding along at 90 mph.  But then it does not breith well so I guess its a matter of comfort vs protection.

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