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Re: [St] Bags and cats...

In a message dated 24/02/2008 10:57:04 AM AUS Eastern Daylight Time, 
pwisner@xxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

> I'm thinkin' two of those foam ear plugs, one up each nostril and close 
> the helmet vents should do it.

Up the nostrils of the cat and few other orifices of said feline should also 
do the trick...

Many years ago I shared a house with a cat owner. Those cute little creatures 
loved marking their territory on bags full of clothes. As I travelled a lot 
for work, I always had a bag of clothing somewhere. After the third incident 
and the owner telling me to get over it, I set up a little surprise consisting 
of an electric fence unit and some well placed wires.

Funnily enough, that those cats never came near me or any of my possessions 
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