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Re: [St] Not quite a tire thread...

FWIW, an elipse ("..." ) is THREE dots...
  I carry a CO2 inflator on my motorcycle and bicycle.  Here's the mc model:
  Originally, I carried several 16-gram cannisters, as I worked at REI and got a great discount- plus Innovations did not make a motorcycle kit at the time.  The former owner of my Sprint ST included the mc kit, so there you go.  I added two 16-gram cannisters in the mc kit, just in case my plug should have a slow leak, that way I can top-off the tire if need be.  The Co2 in the cannisters comes from geo-vents, so no extra Co2 is released into the atmpsphere when you use one.  I do take exception to Innovations' "Big Air" cannister, which is charged with propane.  That's just nuts, in many ways.
  The first time I took a long trip on the Bandit 1200 I had previously, I flatted on I-20 about 40 miles east of Atlanta.  I was about half a mile from the next exit, so I limped down the shoulder at 5-10 mph.  I was suprised that the rear tire acted as a run-flat: the ride was not as squirrly as I would have expected.  The exit had a gas station, the station had a air hose and an auto plug kit.  Another customer suggested I try the plug withOUT the glue- he swore by it.  So, what the heck, I tried.  And it held, well.  For another 10,000 miles (I keep a log.)  
  -Steve Boudreaux

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