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Re: [St] Fw: Justice finally? NOT!!!


Yes, you would have received such leniency as this was an accident.  Tragic yes.  If it was anything else she would have been charged with murder and faced much longer than the 4 years that was first suggested.  It is very possible that this was her first accident in her 87 years of life.  (No I don't know that for a fact, but then it does not seem that many people have all or most of the facts here)  If everyone who killed someone, with a car, was placed in jail for 4 years can you imagine how many people would actually be in our prisons.

This is an issue on this forum only because the victim was on a bike, otherwise someone would be outraged about the victims who were walking across the street or in another car.  Yes,  we are more vulnerable on our bikes.  So, what can we do about that?  I personally am thinking about the visibrakes and the modulated headlights.

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