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Re: [St] Fw: Justice finally? NOT!!!

At 12:10 PM 2/28/2008, you wrote:

>Since Adam was one of my best friends it is not possible for me to be
>I understand that giving up driving when you get older is a hardship
>and I am not looking forward to it myself. That being said driving is
>a privilege and not a right.
>The current system for old drivers in the US seems to be that they
>have few fender benders and then perhaps decide it is time to stop
>driving. The other option is that family members convince them to stop
>driving. Neither of these is a good system. I would like to see
>drivers above a certain age have to take a road test. Whatever their
>age if they are deemed fit to drive then great. Obviously there will
>be an expense involved with this. On top of that the AARP have huge
>lobbying power in the US.
>As far as the woman who killed Adam money was not an issue for her. I
>will never know if she knew she should not be driving and was just
>being selfish. I do know that at her first appearance in court the
>victims advocate was shocked at how frail she was. I understand that
>sending her to jail at her age would have been pointless. However
>since Adam's widow was advised to settle with her insurance company
>the only financial hit she took was hiring a lawyer. The $500 she had
>to pay was a joke. Further if I have not called the local newspaper
>she would have been able to sweep the fact that she was convicted
>under the carpet. What I would have liked to see was that community
>service, in the form of going to old age homes or/and churches and
>talking about the issue of deciding when to stop driving, was part of
>her sentence.
>Sorry for the rant. Thanks for letting me get that off my chest

Hey I can see where you are coming from.
It would not have served anyone to put the old woman in jail.
fwiw, PA has a senior citizens defensive driving class, if you 'ace' 
the course, its a big discount off you auto insurance policy. The 
same year my father-in-law gave up his license he took the course and 
passed  with a perfect score. He always was a cautious and serious 
driver, I rode with him a week before he turned in his license and 
did not feel that his driving was below standard. He just felt he was 
getting to old and had too many health issues to be driving. I wish 
that he had made my sister-in-law surrender her license at the same 
time, she is a terrible driver (had three minor accidents in the next year).

ps It sounds like Adams wife got some really crappy advice, unless 
the settlement was over a million dollars!!

A Dragon Ascending
"Forging my body in the Fires of my Will"

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