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Re: [St] '08 vs 2000 ST: Decision

Normally unless the frame is twisted, for aligning the the front you just have to loosen either the bottom clamps or the top+handlebar clamps and pump up and down the fork. Eventually, get the 2 left bottom tube allen bolts loose while doing that. The natural position for the fork is straight, then it will go aligned on it's own that way. If the bike had just experienced a minor crash, it can't be worst. If you suspect the fork tubes are bent, get then off, not a big deal (on center stand put a load at the rear, calipers off, front wheel off using the spark plug socket, loosen all the clamps)
, and put them on the bench just to double check with a ruler.


Thanks everybody for the good input.... misaligned steering). Plus it >had been stored out in the elements, with some of the rubber rotting and some rust spots. I have since cleaned it up and the bike looks and runs great. >I guess I still feel "molested" since this is the first time I have been deceived on a purchase, with the unit not being as pristine as it was portrayed >by the seller. Live and learn, I guess. At least the bike is mechanically sound and has not left me on the side of the road.

But again, thank you for the advice. It is great to have your experience to my advantage. The only thing I have left to solve is my crooked steering. >I have loosened up the clamps and straightened the bars 3 different times, but after riding it a couple of days, they slide back off center about 1/2" to >the right. Nothing really looks bent upon inspection of the clamps and forks, but I have not had the front end apart yet to really inspect the >situation. Any takes on the most efficient way to go about this are appreciated.

Derek Wilson
2000 Black ST

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