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Re: [St] ST Pictures

Triumph really took a backward step on this one and they are stubbornly
persisting with it. The previous series factory luggage could fit a full face helmet in each box. Packing for a trip, even two up, I found I always had enough carrying capacity. Some people like the new luggage, but considering the boxes are huge but hold bugger all they are a waste of precious space.

The best option I have found is GIVI with SW Motech brackets.

That's my impression too. If, and it's a big if right now, if I ever go to the new gen ST I'll be buying GIVI's and selling, or trading in, the OEM bags if they come with the bike.

Anywhoo.  Nice bikes guys.  Even if you never show us both sides of them :p

Steven "Dirty Dawg" Kohlscheen
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