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Re: [St] The Dreaded "No Start" Syndrome

I found the same thing with my Daytona 675. A great bike and very user 
friendly as far as sports bikes go. Comparing it with a CBR600R was interesting. I 
could go faster on the 675 and found it a nicer bike to ride.

Once its on song its brilliant. One of the best rides I had was on a lonely 
road going head to head with a mate (ex A grade racer) on his RS. Its the only 
time I've kept up with him and managed to gain some ground in the corners. In 
a straight line it just skipped over the bumps if you kept the power on. In a 
bumpy corner, life got a little bit interesting shall we say. Like I said - a 
brilliant bike to be sure.

The only down side to all this, is that it didnt come into its own until I 
hit 150kph!

To ride it properly, I was risking my licence and more on public roads and 
I'm not yet in a position to be doing regular track days.

So I chopped it in for a Scrambler and I'm having even more fun! Just at more 
sensible speeds.

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