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[St] The Sprint ST is back

I wrote a while ago about the stalling and ultimate inability to start of my
2001 Spint ST (BRG, the most temperamental color). Well, it is back again. I
followed the suggestions of those on this list, the O ring on the stepper
switch, fuel filter, etc. Still bare ran if at all.

Off to the dealer I went. I authorized $250 in labor to explore, and they
called and said it was the ignition switch, which they replaced. I went to
pick up the bike and paid $700 (SEVEN HUNDRED DOLLARS!). When they went to
bring the bike around it would not run, it appeared to be running on 1 or
two cylinders only.

A week later, they said they changed the spark plugs that have fouled as a
result of the intermittent ignition switch failure. That all seemed unlikely
to me, but it is running like a champ now. I am slowly trying to regain
confidence in its reliability.

The curious thing is that they were explaining that the ignition switch is
held on by special bolts. A few year ago, the special bolts fell out and I
replaced them with allen bolts and locktite. According to the mechanic the
ignition switch cut off when the handlebars were in a certain position.

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