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Re: [St] Patti Caked!

>Did you get the errant drivers info?

Yes!  That's why I instantly got up and chased the guy down.

In addition to my getting his information, the witnesses made
the driver write out a statement that he did not see me and
pulled out in front of me causing me to fall.  I have no idea
what that's worth, though.

I'm hoping the bike isn't totaled.  Blue book retail on it is
just over $5000 in average condition, and mine is (well, was) 
in great shape with embarrassingly low miles and hard luggage.

The bike was down on its left side for a minute or two.  The
witnesses/driver were extremely helpful in getting it up and
to the side of the road, once they made sure I was OK.  I did
start it up briefly before it was towed.

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