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Re: [St] Helmet time...

HJC AC-14 (?) The carbon fiber HJC any way. 
Amazingly light. 
Great fit (oval face, block shaped scull...Jack, be nice!) I looked at
the Shoei Multitek, but the chin bar rubs hard on my chin. I have an HJC
Sy-Max which I like, but it's 'bout worn out. 
Purchased locally at Parts Unlimited list price ($400ish last summer).
Venting is fine. Slight breath fogging now and then, but running with
the shield open just a crack fixes that issue.
Noise is entirely dependant on the jacket I have on. With my Triumph
Integra it's awful; ear plugs are mandatory. With my Joe Rocket or
Teknic textile jackets I can actually hear the chain, engine, and tires
while at speed. Wonderful. It's something about the collar aerodynamics.
I haven't had a chance to try it on a different bike /different
windscreen, mine is the short stock ('06) version: YMMV.

'06 ST 
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First off, no, I did not crash.  I've decided its time to replace my 
helmet.  Commuting 9 months out of the year puts a lot of wear and tear 
on the lining of a helmet, and I've decided to retire mine after 3 years

of service (maybe it should have been sooner).  I'm currently wearing an

HJC CL-14, and am looking at replacement options.  My first thought was 
to get another CL series helmet, as the one I have has served well.  
However, I'm also looking for alternatives.  I'm hoping to go try some 
others on tomorrow (the Triumph demo truck is going to be at my local 
dealer this weekend), but thought I'd poll the list for pros/cons of the

helmet you wear...

So begin:
What helmet?
Where purchased?
Comfort? (I know, this is dependent on head shape)
Would you replace it with the same model?
Any other comments?

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