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Re: [St] Helmets

Well, I didn't quite get the response from this that I expected, but that's ok.

I tried on some helmets over the weekend, and ended up ordering another HJC. I found that my head is too tall for Shoei helmets (tried both the RF-1000 and the TZ-R). My chin visibly sticks out below the chin bar, and the helmets just didn't feel right. I also decided that $600-700 was just too much for my wallet at the moment, so that ruled out the Arai that fit me.

I ended up with the HJC AC-12, as it seemed to have better venting than the CL-14 that I currently have. It also appears to be better aerodynamically (less "tug" at speed).

Thanks for the input. I kind of wish I could have tried the Schuberth, but I've yet to find one stateside...
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