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Re: [St] Heated Grips Issue

At 07:19 PM 6/23/2008, you wrote:

Hello all,

I recently bought a set of 'genuine Triumph' heated grips for my 2001 RS. I
had them fitted by an authorised dealer etc. The issue is that the left grip
is 'considerably' cooler than the right grip. What's more, I think that the
left one is turning on an off at intervals of about 10 minutes. It heats up,
cools down, heats up, cools down etc whilst the right grip is constant and

The guy who installed it seems to think that this temperature imbalance is
"normal"... but it doesn't seem right to me.

Before I go and escalate the issue, can I ask, has anyone had a similar
issue? Know of a fix? Is it a fault with my particular unit or is this a
design 'feature'.

Thanks very much in advance,


Hey I don't have Triumph heated grips, but have installed several pairs of others. If they have a controller and not a switch, they all pretty much cycle on and off.
However if the heater is properly insulated from the metal of the bars, they just seem to always be warm. If not you get the on then off then on again behavior that you are experiencing.
I'll bet that the dealer's tech did not wrap the left bar with anything to insulate it from the heating element.

Many installers use a heat shrink tape or tubing since by its nature is capable of withstanding the heat from the grip elements.

I use Hot grips now pretty much exclusively since they come with a splined core on both grips that takes automatically compensates for the bare bar.
Plus they fit my hands better than some others.

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