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[St] Ear plugs, noise reduction and music

All this chatter about bluetooth, Tomtoms, Garmins, iphones, etc makes me wonder more about ear plugs and their ability to reduce the road noise and still produce quality sound. 
So, tell me folks, do you find that the ear plugs work for both noise reduction and work well enough to produce decent sound quality? 
I ride with just ear plugs to reduce road noise, helmet roar, etc. I have considered using my mp3 player while riding but wonder if I am defeating the purpose of the ear plugs (protect my ears from sustained loud noise) by playing my music loud enough to be heard over the background noise. 
Is there a perfect match? Noise cancelling AND sound quality w/o sacrificing your hearing?
Personally I really like the sound of the 955 at 8K rpm and dont want to miss it. I also like that when riding I am away from all those things that distract me all day. And finally, I like it when I take my plugs out after a long day my ears arent ringing and I can hear my kid. 

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