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Re: [St] Ear plugs, noise reduction and music

On 27 Jun 2008, at 02:22, Todd J wrote:

So, tell me folks, do you find that the ear plugs work for both noise reduction and work well enough to produce decent sound quality?

I use a pair of 'Duocom' custom-fit earplugs with speakers built in. They are fully functioning ear-plugs (i.e. with music turned off they work as earplugs) that conform to EU and ISO regulations for noise reduction / ear protection. But plug them into an audio source, and they also work as highly effective stereo earphones. They are sold with the option of 'voice' or 'music' speakers - I have the music ones and they produce excellent sound quality on par with premium in-ear headphones I've tried from audio firms. They are so good that I've regularly used them on long flights as headphones of choice - they keep out the sound rather better than these 'noise reducing' electronic headphones do. They also include something called a 'microfilter' that allows some sound through - so you can hear something with them in (such as engine note at 8K etc.). Also, they are designed to be 'flush' with outside of your ear, so putting a helmet on while wearing them doesn't present any problems. They are exceptionally good.

More info on them from http://www.headsetservices.com/melaviationgroup/motorcycling.html - there is a PDF with more info on the earplugs to download from that page too.

I completely agree with all that has been said about the importance of ear protection on bikes - I really don't understand why anyone would go at any speed on a bike without some sort of ear protection in place.


Gavin Lawrie

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