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Re: [St] Ear plugs, noise reduction and music

On 27 Jun 2008, at 09:28, iPat wrote:

where or how did you get them 'fitted'?

You need to get a cast made of your ear. Quite straightforward - someone pours some quick-setting foam into your ear and then pulls it out. Takes a few minutes. I went to a local hearing aid clinic and they did it on the spot. I think HSL in the UK will do the casts too if you turn up at their offices.

Once you have the ear-casts, you send them to HSL who make up the headphones and send them back. Originally I was going to do the mail- order thing, but it turned out the clinic knew all about HSL and was an agent for them, so I got the whole thing through the local clinic. I'm not sure what happens in other markets - but I'd imagine either there are local distributors elsewhere, or you could do mail-order from HSL.

I've had them about four years now. A couple of years ago one of the leads came loose inside one of the earplugs. HSL fixed them up under warranty (two years) with no fuss at all.



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