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[St] Ear phones

OK, YOU guys got me to chime in on this one.
I use the Westone UM-2 headphones.  They can be found on the Earplug
Superstore website for $300.  These are in-ear foamy type head phones that
are every bit as good at sound isolation as most earplugs on the market.
I typically use them when I am touring, as I find music a bit distracting
when I am in the twistys.  I also find it a bit cumbersome to gear up when
I get on and off the bike, so I save them for the longer rides.
The sound quality of these is phenomenal as they are a dual driver, which
means they actually fit two little dudes in those small spaces banging and
playing away.  They are also lower profile than the Shures, which means
they fit in the helmet much better.  I have pulled several 12 hour days on
the machine with these in, and only experienced mild discomfort at the end
of several days riding.  Sure, the price is a bit steep, but the sound
quality is awesome, and they are the best solution that I have been able to
These sound so good, that I actually gone and re-ripped my collection in
lossless format, instead of compressed MP3 which drops a lot of midrange
I have yet to fit them with custom earmolds, but that is coming as soon as
I get to spend a bit more time stateside.  The one complaint I have with
them is that being foamy inserts (they also have the little rubber flanges
too)they take a few seconds to insert.  Inevitably when on the airplane, as
soon as I put them in someone taps me on the shoulder to ask me some silly
question.  These being so good as earplugs, turning the music off doesn't
work so I have to pull one out, make a disgruntled face and politely answer
their silly question.

Sure, the price is a bit steep, but I think you'll find in the end, they
are worth every pennny.


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