Sprint RS FAQ's - New RS Owner


So, now you have your new RS. But, you've only recently discovered the RS site ..... What wisdom have you missed out on? Here are some easy fixes and things to look for that may save you aggravation down the road...


Upper radiator hose wear - The upper radiator hose (as seen through the vent on the left hand side) sits on or near an engine mounting bolt. A couple have noticed slight wear, but at this point I am not aware of any failures. Either make sure to check this area from time to time or add a small rubber strip between the hose and bolt to reduce any possible chaffing.

Stiff Shifting - The shifting on the RS when it's new is very stiff. You'll likely have trouble even getting into neutral at a stop light. Have no fear, as this smooths out considerably with miles. Many owners feel they've never had such a smooth shifting motorcycle after they get it broken in.